“The real voyage of discovery consists not is seeking new landscapes,
but in having new eyes.”
– Marcel Proust

Are you an experienced Coach who is ready to leap to a higher level of coaching competence and confidence? 
Check out our Energy and Core Competencies and Skills Practice programs to support your leap to the next level.

Mastering Energy and Competencies for Coaches

  • Do you find yourself energized from some coaching meetings, and drained from others?
  • Do you feel out of balance in the amount of energy you give out for others vs. the care you give to yourself?
  • Are you able to hear and feel energy shifts in clients, but are just not sure how to coach these shifts at a more masterful level?
  • Are you ready to become even more masterful with the ICF Core Competencies adn learn how better energy management can help you do this?

Then now is the time to join our Mastery Course for Coaches.