“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

  • Do you long for a trusted peer who will be your confidential thought partner and provocateur, one who supports you as you gain clarity of mission, navigate challenges, and celebrate your success? Clarity Coaching Conversations could be for you.

  • Do you feel that you are not heard or noticed at work, that your efforts and opinions are not taken seriously? You need to be heard in a way that is authentic and practical for you. Our Influence Toolbox course will help.

  • Do the demands of your life and career drain you? Are you leaking personal energy, unable to plug the leaks fast enough to recharge your own batteries and manage your stress? Do you long for a life that is more aligned with your values and purpose? Experience our Take Charge and Re-charge!® offerings.


Clarity Conversations

One of our most privileged roles at Clarity is that of confidential thought partner, the trusted Coach with whom you can have wide-ranging, risk-free conversations about the challenges that life and work are bringing you, and gain clarity on how to get where you want to go.

Having a confidential sounding board can be invaluable, and through our Clarity Conversations we are honored to fulfill that role for you.

As highly experienced international coaches, we offer confidential dialogues to support your gaining greater clarity, precision and the ‘next steps’ to achieve your objectives.

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The Influence Toolbox

This self-study course is designed specifically for people who want to be taken more seriously, who want to

  • deepen their influence skills,

  • Improve communication skills,

  • increase professional credibility in an authentic and practical way.

You deserve to be taken seriously, and The Influence Toolbox course will show you how to do it.

If you are ready to master your own Influence Toolbox,  check out the Influence Toolbox by clicking below.

You can also work with Mark Brown, MBA, PCC 1:1

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TAKE CHARGE & RECHARGE® for Busy Executives

Do you find yourself drained at the end of each day? Do you feel your day is consumed by unproductive activities that leave you stressed?

  • How often are you checking your own energy levels - as often as you do for your devices or your car?

  • Do you manage your personal energy budget as well as you do your financial one?

  • Do you have your own strategy on how to Recharge your energy batteries?

  • Are you living in alignment with your core values and purpose?

If you are ready to master your own energy and discover how to create your own Take Charge & Recharge plan, you can work with Meg Mann, Master Certified Coach 1:1 with Clarity Conversations, or sign up for our live online workshops coming in early 2019.