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Coaches, Master Your Energy and Core Competencies!

  • Do you find yourself energized after some coaching meetings, and drained after others?
  • Do you sometimes find that your mental chatter interferes with your ability to be fully present or actively listen?
  • Are you able to hear and feel energy shifts in clients, but are just not sure how to coach these shifts at a more masterful level?
  • Are you tapping into your inner knowing and the inner knowing of the client? 
  • Are you ready to become even MORE MASTERFUL in the ICF Core Competencies ?

If the answer to any of the above questions is “YES”, then you may want to learn more about mastering your valuable energy and enhancing your coaching skills.

As masterful coaches, we are responsible for the energy we bring to each coaching relationship. We arrive fully present, open and ready to experience the ‘who’ of the client. This means that we must master our own energy, as well as masterfully perceive our clients’ energy.  In this course we explore these concepts, mastering our Core Competencies and BEYOND!

“Each of us is responsible for the energy we bring into a room.” – Dr. Jill Bolte-Taylor

So, who is this course for?

Experienced coaches who are ready to be even more masterful at managing their personal energy, become even more present, and enhance their skills at coaching clients from the heart and place of inner knowing.

How this course will help you:

  • Greater awareness of your personal energy and how it is affected by clients and others.
  • Tips, techniques and strategies on how to set, reset and manage your personal energy in coaching and in life.
  • Learning how Energy plays a key role in the ICF Core Competencies for both Coach and client.
  • Greater awareness of the client’s energy, and how to coach using the client's energy.
  • Tips, techniques and strategies on being fully present and listening at deeper levels
  • Enhanced masterful skills using our ICF Core Competencies.
  • Continuing Education Credits -  Full Course eligible for up to 24 hours of Coach Specific Training

Coach Master Class - Full Course

  • 12 Live 90-minute web-based classes, including Guest appearances from masterful coaches
  • Live coaching skills practice with feedback
  • Slides and reading material 
  • Buddy group work and peer coaching
  • Video materials


  • Two private 1:1 sessions with Meg Mann, MCC

Next class to be announced. Register now to reserve your space!

TUITION:  FULL COURSE 1600 € or 1750 $US (payment option of 2 installments available)

Class size is limited, so register early!  


Once your registration is received, you will be sent a confirmation email with payment details.