Testimonial 05

“It has been great to work with Meg again. The group connected deeply very quickly and it has been a wonderful experience to all be on the same MCC journey. I have valued going into the core competences at a real depth and evaluating what it means at mastery level, having the space to reflect and collectively share insights, to practise with a supportive yet experienced buddy group, and to have access to a wealth of recordings and materials.” 

Anna Inama, PCC

Testimonial 02

"The Energy and Competencies Mastery journey was an amazing programme for two key reasons. First, even after 1500 hours of coaching, I learned how to be a better coach from the truly masterful Meg Mann and practice those skills with her invaluable feedback. Second, I also other learned from coaches on the same journey toward their PCC or MCC; the rest of the hugely experienced co-hort. Hearing about their own learning, commercial goals and business challenges was invaluable to me, and Meg provided the perfect setting in a novel and convenient webinar format; perfect for my busy schedule and for reducing my carbon footprint. I renewed my PCC easily within days of finishing the course."

– Suzanne Doyle-Morris, PhD, PCC, UK

Testimonial 01

“I love the way Meg facilitates the sessions and make sure all of us are active, training and gets learning. Her coaching skills combined with her interesting life experience and knowledge are amazing. I always learn so much when I learn with Meg. And she is so generous in sharing her wisdom – I want more of all this! Thanks for an interesting, fun and impactful on-line course.”

– Ina Brackman, MCC, Norway

Testimonial 03

“Working with Meg as my mentor was invaluable. I valued Meg’s insightful feedback coupled with her supportive challenge and encouragement in helping me grow as a coach. I appreciated Meg’s in-depth understanding of the ICF coaching competencies together with an acknowledgement for the type of clients I work with in the Corporate Environment.  Meg is a consummate professional herself and masterful in her approach to coaching. Meg brings a positive energy to everything she is involved in and champions you to be your best.”

– Jane Adshead-Grant, MCC, UK

Testimonial 04

“In 2015 I worked with Meg as my mentor coach in order to get my MCC. She is very good at establishing a relationship of trust, thanks to her openness and authentic interest. She combines great professionalism with a good sense of humour. I loved working with her.”

– Annemarie van der Meer, MCC, The Netherlands